Friday, September 15, 2006

Greg's Funny Ad Generator

Gray, dark, n gloomy. The clouds are spittin at ya. It’s one of those days you’re never completely dry. Open your umbrella, close it, doesn’t matter—you’re still gettin wet.

I’m on the train, a temporary respite from the drizzles, and I’m lookin at this ad for a sleeping pill called Rozerem. It makes me smile. It features a beaver and Abe Lincoln on one end of a see saw, the other end is up in the air, waiting for you to join. Abe and the beaver look longingly into the camera. The headline reads

Your weird dreams are reaching out to you, hoping that you’ll join them once again. So simple. So perfect. I’ve seen a television ad and a few other print ads born from this idea. Matter of fact, the idea is so good, with a little imagination, you can create one of em, too.!

I’ll prove it with my patented Funny Ad Generator! Just choose one from each category and you have yourself the next Rozerem ad.

Random Character 1:

Wilford Brimley
Joan of Arc
Someone named “Kip”
Cyclops on Crutches
Boy in The Bubble

Random Character 2:

Giant Ladybug

Random Situation:

Waiting for a bus.
Whittling wood.
Toasting marshmallows.
Pumpkin hunting.
Playing marbles.

Now have your characters look sad and lonely. Add the headline

There you go!



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